The Eating Healthy Update – oh, my skin!

I would love to say my life has changed. But, of course, I am a realist. Changes take time. 

And, I have to take into consideration that I have underlying medical issues that I might always have.

I have had a busy week work wise. A while ago I made a deal with my boss that I would try to slow down. I am working 50% of regular hours, but I am truly very efficient when I am there! So we decided that it was room for me not being that efficient. But hey, that is easier said than done!

Usually, when I have busy weeks like that, I am so exhausted when I get back home, I sleep for 1-3 hours. I have no choice, my brain stops functioning, like pulling the plug on an old laptop that does not charge well. This week I have not. At all. On Thursday I was surprised, and happy about that. And I believe that the new super-food has something to do with it. On Friday, though, I had a really demanding day, and all in all, the week hit me then. When it is like this, I usually spend the whole weekend in bed, trying to recover.


For a year and a half, I have taken Pukka super-greens every morning, and I have not have a cold since, which is very unusual for me. So it  really has done me good. Although, it has never given me that energy-boost that others have talked about when taking super-food.

Now I am wondering if my smoothies and Linda Johansen`s Happy Health super-food is starting to make a small difference, already, one week in.  Small yes. Small steps. But, I am hopeful.

Oh, and by the way, the change of Omega-3 (and the large amounts that I take) has improved my skin. Taking Omega-3 oils will plump your skin a bit, and I can see it under my eyes, where I normally have dark rings. YEY for better skin! 


Sunday Morning Lunch Picker-upper

We were invited to good friends for Sunday lunch. And, even though I have been very tired lately, we just could not say no to such an invite, especially when it has been a long time since we saw our friends. And, I certainly do not regret it.

Great food (and wine for lunch, something I never do, but gotta love those French habits:) and great company. It is funny. My husband has lived here for 2 1/2 years, but has not yet tasted the traditional Knekkebrød (hard bread). It took a Frenchman and some good cheese:)

It is amazing how nice company can be a picker-upper:)







Red and pink can be a great combination, as long as the colors are in the same hues. You do not have to match, just find colours that complement each other. If you are curvy like me, an accentuated waist (like here with a belt, or a skirt or pants with a good waistline) make you look more proportionate.

So much more than a suspense movie – politics and human reactions in real life

As I am waiting for the chance to go to the movies and watch the 3rd movie in the Hunger Games series, I am revisiting the 1st one and again I am strongly reminded that this is not just another suspense movie where teenagers kills each other. 

There are some serious underlying political and human rights topics here, which is probably why the movie speaks to so many of us. It portraits a farfetched game in a farfetched society. We all know it is far form the United States today. But, is it really that farfetched?

We are introduced to a society where you have the privileged and the underdogs, and when the less privileged are causing riots to voice their hopelessness, they are struck down, with blunt force. And, as if that were not enough, they are since kept in check, by sacrificing some of their young ones every year, making that sacrifice edible for the rest of the population by making it into a game. 

The people in power see fit to change the rules as they go, to make sure that there is enough intimidation to sustain their power. And, when that is not enough, and a young girl stands up with courage, they answer with real threats. Not towards her, because she may seem fearless, but towards her family – hey, we all know that works far better.

The game is a survival-of-the-fittest game, and an unfair one, because the privileged few were provided with the necessary training and protection.

I am no expert in politics, but I think I have just described several societies and countries throughout the world, though out the time. There are societies that are less than democratic, and rule people with fear, we have recent examples of that.  

But, even the countries that claim to be democratic, are we any better? Are we not just part of those privileged few who can sit here and watch the news, unliking it on Facebook and sleep well at night? We can complain about others who travel to Africa to help, being afraid they would bring Ebola back into our privileged lives. Money does not help against Ebola, at least not yet (until we have a treatment), so let it be their problem. We are, at least rarely, incarcerated for something that we did not do, or can not defend ourselves, because there is no such system. So, as long as we have our lawyers and the money to pay for them, we let it remain “their” problem. We let “them” kill one another.

It may not seem a game to us. But as humans we tend to distinguish between “them” and “us”. It is an instinct that we have, in order to survive. That is something our reptile brain subconsciously reacts to. When we stick to people who reminds us of ourselves, we have a better chance of survival, because we protect our “own”. But, should we not have evolved from there?

We often think that we have, and we even have many good examples that it happens, that we use our frontal cortex and our empathy, and act in ways that are beneficial for others. But, when it comes down to it, we still have that reptile brain, and if the “game” can only pick one winner, it has to be me! And not you!


Mad (Wo)men

Time at work and sunset creates a little problem with outfit pictures (yes, I know, 1st world problem!).

So I had to ask my hubby to run out when I got back from work, to at least get a glimpse of me in the pics:) Yes, mad!

Since my new Netflix addiction is Mad Men, I went for that look today. And, of course, because I love that era…clotheswise:)


IMG_4577 IMG_4574

IMG_4578 IMG_4579

Awake before morning coffee – am I fooling myself?


Before breakfast I have started to mix these two powdered greens and berries mixed in apple juice.

Two days in a row now, I have also added the berries (the red one) to my porridge. I eat a porridge made of Buckwheat (which is not wheat, but actually a plant related to rhubarb, but tastes like a grain) and millet (hirse på norsk).


And of course my soy latte:) I fell asleep late last night. Silly, really, I felt awake and started watching Netflix. I should know by now, that going to sleep after midnight means trouble – my body does not go to rest that well. But I still repeat the same mistake at times, and expect a different result (that is what they call foolish, am I right?;-)

Still, I woke up quite energized. It could be random. Nonetheless, I appreciate it:)

My belly has functioned well today, no pain from the inflammation I have had (I told you I would share it bluntly, when I say bluntly, I am not joking!!). My skin, though, it still suffering. When my belly acts up, I get pimples all over my cheek, and they are still there. Oh, and I had cake on Sunday – jeeez, I am only human:) Hoping to see it go away soon – and not to come back, of course:)

What works for you? What energizes you?


6:1 and the juicing part

I got curious about the hype. When dr Mosley talked about his research and his own attempts to fast twice a week, I was skeptical at first. I was taught to eat regularly, every 3 or 4 hours, and I have lived by that most of my life. My generation has been told to keep the blood sugar stable, and that made so much sense.


My blood sugar,  though, had it`s own opinions! Mine could suddenly drop. Combined with a very low blood pressure, I would shake like a leaf and get dizzy. And, OMG, what a bitch I would become! It is like I had no control over my hormones. None at all! You all know what I mean:)

So much for the theory I had been taught to stick by…so perhaps there was something new to learn that would make sense.

Dr. Mosley argues that our digestive system needs to rest, and when it does, we recover better. Recover was a word that rang well in my ears!

So, a few months a go I tried it. My first day of eating hardly anything (yes, you can eat 500 kcal, but it is not a lot), and drinking lots. It went ok. Of course I got hungry, but the feeling of being hungry does go away. And come back. And go away again. But, something unexpected happened. After I started eating again, my body was beyond exhausted, I could not even get out of bed. I felt so sick. I swore I would never do that to my body again!

And then I had a change of heart – again:) I tried for a shorter time-span, and it worked ok. And only one day a week. I never did this to lose weight, but to see how it would affect my overall health. A few months after, I still have my day a week where fast, and lately I have mostly had just fluids (water, tea, smoothies).

My blood sugar drops are gone!

Well, honestly, I get them every once in a while, but so rarely. That makes living with me so much easier, just ask my hubby:) I am really a nice person -I am:)

Since I seem to have an inflammation in my belly, my belly now loves the days with no hard food.

Today, the smoothie of the day has been with spinach, strawberries, ginger, carrots, and the Green and Red powder.



What are your opinions about this? Not in a perspective of losing weight, really, but in staying healthy.

Is it about time that we scratch some old beliefs now, and start thinking anew?

Or, rather, back to basics. If our biology tells us that we hoard when food is available, what will it do to our bodies when it always is?

Living like we do, does not seem to help our overall health, does it?