Red has never really been my colour. I like burgundy, but always thought that bright red has made me look pale. Until now. I fell for this dress from By Malene Birger. It is comfy, with a soft fabric and a nice fall, which makes it easy to dress up or down. And, I seem to love the colour as well:)

Here, with flats and a cardigan, it looks rather casual, which was the plan, because I had to look more casual at work earlier in the day.
I know I can easily dress it up with jewellery, some statement heels, and it will be party-ready!

Here my friend took some pics while we were waiting for all the women to show up – it is a fun “hobby” that I have, to promote the best skincare ever, Linda Johansen’s Skincare. Those nights are lots of fun:)




Boots (and errythang) on my wishlist

Oh, my shoe desire never ends, and with new seasons, comes new covetable pieces!

I would not mind both mules and boots, here in grey and black, but I would love red and deep green also:) What is on your wishlist?
Can be found here (affiliate link)

These green ones…my goodness! And, these Michael Kors pumps are the perfect nude pumps! I have them in patent leather, they are a dream to walk in, sits perfectly, the heel is not too steep, and they really prolong the leg:)

Find them here (affiliate link)

Blue and leopard boots. Cognac colored boot from Selected Femme
The perfect shaped black ones are from Whyred

Sundays – a love and hate relationship

Ok, I had to exaggerate the title a bit, to make it interesting.
I normally love Sundays, to sleep in, have a late breakfast, do what I feel like doing. And, today, the sun was shining and it was looking to be a wonderful day.

I asked my hubby if we should go out today, and he was all for it. After knowing each other for many years, you would think that he would know that I would like to go out rather early…yes, I know, I know, you can not really call it early since I sleep until noon (my excuse is that I have a sleeping disorder and I now need sleep as if I were 13 years old – and if I do not get that amout of hours, I promise, I will become a 13 year old:-))

And, you would think that I would know him well enough to know that if he does not have a deadline, time flies by….the food marked was packed down and gone home by the time we got there, ha ha. That is so us!

We found a bench, though, and enjoyed a soda in the sun, anyway.







Saturday market

I love markets! I mean, all kinds of markets, clothes, food, you mention it. Normally, we do not have many markets here, but once in a while you have days like today, where you have food markets. I met up with a good friend of mine, and her little son, whom I have not seen since before summer. The sun was shining, we had a nice girl’s talk and shopped different kinds of foods in the little booths, like Serrano, olives, and cupcakes for my sweet toth of a husband:)

So, I have tapas on the plan for tomorrow!









And, after, I chilled when watching a movie and eating shrimps and drinking Cava with my hubby. Life is good:)

Actually, life is a strange mix of emotions, all the time. I can go from talking to people about deadly serious issues on a daily basis, and then I can come home and enjoy a quiet evening with my love. It does not mean that I have forgotten other peoples struggles, I hope it means that I am good a seizing the moment.

Have a happy weekend, all!


Continuing pastels

I love pastels, and there is not reason to pack them away yet. Perhaps not at all.

A few layers, and it feels warm enough for this rather warm fall weather.
With office work and furniture shopping with my huband (yes, still contamplating a new sofa) on the agenda today, I could wear my heels.

I wish I had seen myself trying to get over the stairs at work, and both my heels got stuck in there. Ha ha, quite the sight, I bet, trying to get my feet free again:)





9/11 or 7/22

We lost our innocence that day
Something dark crawled out of the towers
smoke, ashes and hatred
layered the streets for days
for weeks, for years

We lost our innocence that day
When children were the enemy
petrefied, horrified
swimming for their lives
from a deserted island

We lost our innocence that day
when girls were taken
Taken, to become women
for men who loathe them
for their heritage

Every day
We lose our innocence

We lose it to hatred
We lose it to fear
that fill the gaps
of the wounds of others,
seeps out as the wounds
grow deeper

Let our children
be safe from these wounds
and this loathing
Only then can they
resume the innocence
for their own little ones

(SGD, September 11, 2014)

Lace up!

There is no need to pack away the lace and your summer kimonos just yet. There are ways to incorporate them in your fall wardrobe. This Saturday it was quite warm for this time of year, actually, but I would bring a jacket or a coat with this outfit, or I would layer it outside a knit sweater.

I had lunch (oooor, honestly, a very late breakfast) with a former colleague that I have not seen in years, that was really great. Then my hubby and I went to the mall, looking at some furniture. So, guess where the outfit pics were taken that day:)