It is the look in their eyes….

Nice food, wine and dessert. And, most importantly, nice company :-)


It is not the wine that does it. The intimacy you feel with certain people.

It is the look in their eyes, when you tell them something about yourself you are not that proud of. That look. The one that shows apprehension and even a repertoire of recognizing emotions. The look that makes you tell more about yourself to that stranger in front of you, than you have told most people you know. What is it?

It is not the wine.

It is the acceptance.

The humanity.

The hope of being fully accepted.

Just like that.



Ooops – my kitchen is a laboratory!

As I briefly told you before, I went to a course to learn how to sprout grains and seeds. Why, you might ask. 


 Well, in short, grains and seeds are consumed in large quantities today, but our digestive system is not equipped to digest them as is, or even processed. Grains and seeds are protected by a layer of phytochemicals in order to survive, until they find a place with moisture (and eventually light) where they can start to sprout and blossom. So, when soaked, the phytochemicals are broken down, and the sprouting begins, revealing and accelerating vast nutrients, also making them accessible for us! The sprouting not only increases the nutrients ten-fold, it also makes it easier for our bodies to actually take up the nutrients.


 Celine, who held the course, let us taste a wide range of different sprouts, and she had ben made some yummy raw treats made with sprouts. 




Looking forward to when she will be giving a cooking class, so I learn how to use the sprouts even more:) She gives courses in Norwegian, English and French, and many places in the country, I believe. 

My husband says that our kitchen looks like a laboratory now :-) 

I have bottles of kombucha (fermented tea) and water-kefir, sprouts and huge amount of different veggies and super-food like dried berries for my smoothies.



It does require some work, and planning. I have to plan my breakfast one or two days in advance. But, it is just a matter of getting used to it. Now I remember what I need to do. And, as far as the slightly time-consuming work….well, let`s be honest, it is very time-consuming to be totally drained of energy as well. Not much gets done, and if it does, it is done slowly, I need a lot of rest and tend to be a couch potato instead of being social or doing activities that I truly do love.

So, all in all, since I already feel better and slightly more energized (and I am positive that it can improve more), it seems to be a great use of my time. In my opinion, no life-improving activities are redundant. 

Do you have any experiences in changes in diet, on energy, diseases or such? 

 If you are interested, there is research to be founds on the benefits of sprouted grains.

My body tells me….

There are times in life to stand back, to accept, to rest in the awareness that your life has changed. And, there are times in your life to be the changes your want to see.

4 years ago I could not get out of bed. I had pushed my sleep-deprived self to a point where there was nothing left. My neurologist pushed me to take meds so I could rest. It was needed, but still I was so tired, so tired. Also, I was tired of trying everything. Changing a diet because I have food allergies. Trying all the suggestions for good sleep you can think of. Trying alternative treatment until I had no money left. Meditating. Standing on my head, because it is supposed to induce sleep! Literally standing on my head!

Until I lost faith. In headstands. And, in standing on my head to be certain nothing was untested. I was tired of trying, as well. So, the effortless help from the medication was welcomed at that point. And the sleep was needed. But, the medication does not change my energy. It does not change the reason why my poor sleeping pattern is sustained.

So, now there is time for change. I thought I was eating healthily. More so than most people I know, anyway. My body told me otherwise.

And if there is something that I have been forced to learn through these years, it has been to listen to my body.

My body is much, much wiser than my mind is at times!

My faith is back. Tons of veggies and fruit, fermented drinks to feed myself with probiotics, sprouted grains and seeds, yoga, and letting go of old emotions through therapy- my body slowly responds to it. I have energy to do yoga, to do chores, to socialize a bit at least. My head is clearer, even when I am tired. I need to sleep at lot still, but I am used slightly less medication. I am hoping that, eventually, I can stop taking the meds, and I am hoping that I can live a life that feels lighter and more fulfilling.

I do not want to be a victim. A victim of the limitations of my body.

I will do what I can, to not be a victim, but a victor. The thought itself is energizing. Wish me luck :-)


That light…

Even though the sun was not out today, the layer of clouds were so thin, the light outside was amazing. So bright, so white.

Actually so white, that my very light outfit might not come alive the way I had hoped. But, I am not complaining against light, that is for sure. It is very welcomed here:-)

I am counting down to Easter vacation. No big plans, just nice dinners with friends, time to talk walks outside, and some wine (perhaps in the porch, if the weather allows it…one can always hope:)

What are your plans for the Holidays?


IMG_5330 IMG_5323

Sunny Saturday

Were able to get a few pics before going in to Oslo yesterday. I went to a course in sprouting food, will tell you more about it during the week. So interesting!

Soft pink is a great combination with army green, in my opinion. The softness of it, calms down the intense colour green:-) But keep the accessories simple, otherwise this could get busy;-)

Soft pink is a great combination with army green, in my opinion. The softness of it, calms down the intense colour green:-) But keep the accessories simple, otherwise this could get busy;-)

IMG_5304 IMG_5307 IMG_5303 IMG_5310