I ##### reasonnable shoes! Gimme heels anytime!

It happens every time I fall for buying reasonnable shoes, flats instead of heels! This time it happened too.

I bought these Jeffrey Campbell pointy flats because I loved them, they are super-cute. But, after only a couple of hours at work, half my heel was peeled off! Auuuuch!! I can hardly walk today!

When I buy heels, I never have that problem, it is like my heel is designed to have that little elevation, heels never seem to rub against my heel.

So, still love the shoes, but we will see if they will just be lying in my wardrobe, or if I will be able to “walk them in”, so to speak. Yikes, not too appealing now.






The white vest

Bring some of the summer items into fall. Like here, using a vest without sleeves on top of a knitted sweater. This is not a warm knit, since it got rather hot during the day. But I will use the vest with all my knit:) And layer it with a coat later – please remind me, all of a sudden I have forgotten that have it hanging in my closet, laughing.





Vest- found randomly on ebay
Knit- Selected Femme
Jeans- Asos Jeans
Sandals and bag- Michael Kors
Shades- Victoria’s Secret

Easy like Sunday…afternoon:)

I had a sleep-in and a late breakfast with my husband, later on we went to see some friends. My husband and I had agreed on him washing the bathroom this time, and he did the showers. He looked surprised at me when I said that the floor should be washed as well. So, I had to make a choice between being far too late or having a clean floor. Well, since we were on our way out of the house anyway, what do you guess was my choice?:-)









Jacket- Zara
Skirt- Moschino
Boots- Shoeshibar
Clutch- Tiger of Sweden
Hat- ebay
Shades- Victoria’s Secret

OOTD, but not today, I am still in my PJs:)

A very late Sunday breakfast today, with protein vanilla pancakes and a latte:)
Love Sundays, we should have two of them:)

The other day, though, coming from work and meetings all day, my husband took these outfit pictures of me. As you might have noticed already, I have a thing for hats, and I think it will follow me into the new season. Like these wool-felt hats, they will keep my ears warm also:)







A head to put my hats on

I so wish I had a walk-in closet! My clothes are all a mess. There is no room for all of them. I know, I know, 1st world problem!

Out appartment is so small, I would like to use all of it as my walk-in…but what to do with my hubby then, he he.
Still, I am trying to find nice ways to store my items. Right now I am looking for mennequin heads to put my hats on.

I like the retro ones in glass, and I know I can find then on ebay, but the shipping costs are crazy! Please let me know, if you have seen any, or if you know any stores who are selling out old ones:)