A wonderful new collaboration

While a lot of women are thrilled about the upcoming design collaboration between H&M and Alexander Wang, I am not so impressed with it. I was hoping for his good basics, with great texture and sharp cuts. But, this is a more sporty collection with a lot of neoprene and oversized tops. Some love it, I just do not, it is not ny style.

I just discovered that a Norwegian blogger, Lene Orvik, has had this collaboration with the chain Bik Bok, and it is out in stores. Now, those are pieces that appeal to me. Soft colours, timeless pieces (well, apart from the crop tops, which are very “this year”), just a cute look. I want it all:)

(pics from Orvik and http://www.vixen.no)






In stores and online November 14th.

Does solidarity disappear with a comfortable life?

I was just appalled while reading a comment from a friend on social media. She had noticed comments from fellow countrymen, saying that people working for Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders in African countries are jeopardizing the health of us here, bringing Ebola back from areas with high infection rates.

Ok, we have a reason to be frightened that Ebola comes here. The infection does not disciminate, it will kill rich or poor alike. Although, we have medical care that might secure us any available medication, we have isolation measures, so the infection will most likely not spread with the rate it does in places where these measures are not available.

That being said (and we can count ourselves lucky!), do these people really believe that an infectious disease is only their problem?

I believe that we have built this country in solidarity. Over the years, we have chosen the politicians who wanted to build a system where we do pay a lot of taxes, but we also get free schooling, free healthcare, employment insurance for all, monetary support for people with diseases (disability), subsidiced childcare and subsidiced medicins. We are lucky to have a fairly good economy these days, when a lot of other countries struggle. But, instead of counting our blessings, and trying to help others if we can, I experience that more and more people are complaining about the taxes we pay, that some people get disability, that we help other and less fortunate countries. People are not more happy, we seem to be less happy. Wanting more, complaining more.

Seeing this from a larger perspective, we are constructed with a brain that will sense danger when we are threatened, and particularly when threatened by something we know that we can not defend ourselves from (like Ebola). We are wired like that in order to survive as a species.

Also, in order to survive, we depend on our “clan” for support and protection. As a result of that, we tend to be drawn to people who look like ourselves, because our subconsciouness tells us that that is our clan, our chance of survival.

In other parts of our brain, though, we develop empathy and reasonning. Experience and education will help us not merely to act on our survival instincts, but we will evaluate a situation and develop patterns of thoughts and even whole belief systems.

Unfortunately, we are, as a small country, not able to host, nor to help everybody. We are indeed in need of some boundaries on how much we can hep and who we can let in. Still, it is puzzling to me: our forefathers’ experience of working together in solidarity has taken us to a place where we are more fortunate than probably 95 per cent of the global population, and this leads to a reasonning where we can only protect our “own”? We seem to be doing quite the opposite of what has been working for us in the past.

I am also wondering where this will take us in the future. The more we gain, the less we think about others. This reminds me of – and now I am going to draw a controversial paralell, I am aware – what happens when some leaders have gained power, made a dictatorship, build up an empire with tremendous riches for themselves and as a paralell to that, think less and less of their peeers and start to treat them with hostility.

You might see this as an unfair parallell, and that is OK. But, I challenge you: think about it for a while!

I am fairly sure, though, that if this attitude persists, we can not count on solidarity from others when we are in a time of need. People travel, viruses do spread. Vaccines and medicines will be tested in Africa. Is it fair of us to expect that people in countries where the virus is prominent, test out medication and then give it to us? We can not count on our money, then, but only on our mutual sense of solidarity.


What happened to me?

Lately I have only bought black boots, black pumps and black bags. I, who love colours and some edgy shoes with an outfit or a pop-of-colour bag. Perhaps I have finally understood what all others already have figured out – that they are timeless and can be styled with everything:-) Or, perhaps I am just having a black-inspirational period.

Anyways, found these lovely ancle boots, Pradas, slightly used (must have been worn inside, from what I can see, or perhaps it is just me who wears out shoes like I am still 12, ha ha).


They will be loved:)

Love never gets old

Last night my father celebrated his marriage to his lady of 12 years. He turned 68 a month ago, but he is a young 68, and I am so happy that he has such a wonderful person to share his life with.

Love can happen anytime in life. Falling in love does not happen too often, but staying in love may be an even more rare experience. I believe that staying in love is a result of a desicion to remember and appreciate all the wonderful things you initially fell in love with, in your partner. When the butterflies in your belly do not show up every day, what it is that makes you have a deep love and respect for your partner? I think there would be as many different answers as we are people.





Having fun cutting the cake:)



My gorgeous sister!


Family (the bride and the groom)



So, despite me being sick lately, this was a celebration I could not miss out on. A few paracetamol and I could keep smiling.
And, thank goodness for make-up!! Just a little bit of it, can really make you seem less tired, and glowing. And, of course, my skincare routine gives me a good base to work with. I am very proud of being part of the team of promoting Linda Johansen Skincare. The only skincare I have felt the need to stick to, just because it is so good!




Dress-Vivienne Westwood
Shoes- Paul Andrew
Bag – Chanel

Lulu’s wonderful make-up bags! Pure luxury on sale

I am a big fan of Lulu’s and the two Norwegian women who are designing these very luxurious make-up bag, purses etc. for a price that is reasonnable. I have written about the before in the online magazine Iknowthatmagazine.

If you are in Norway, you can even find them on sale now on Coverbrands
I wish I could get one of each:)

(not sponsored adlink)









I am SORRY if I never answered

I am always very happy to receive comments on my blog, and the last couple of days I intended to answer, but my WordPress would not let me. I could do nothing on my blog. After downloading it all over again, I am not able to post, but the comments made the last few days are gone, I can not find them!! So, I am unable to answer. (It is that damn IOS 8.0.2, nothing works after that!!!####)

So, if you did post a question or comment the past few days and did not get a respond – please, please post it again!

Thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Love, S