Happy Easter

Easter vacation starts for many Norwegians today. We have a tradition of going to the mountains to ski and relax. Oddly, the lure of the primitive life without running water and electricity is strong, it is like going back in time, going to the cabin. I do believe, though, that all this is related to the feeling of having time to one another, to not be disturbed by tv or internet, but to devote oneself to more mindful activities. And that this is why we long for the mountainlife. I am one of those people who truly believe we need more mindfulness in our society, where things happen so quickly and we do not have time to devote ourselves to an activity for a very long time. Having said this, now I am almost sorry that I will not go to the mountains this Easter, but will stay home, and hopefully do mindful and cozy activities in the city with my husband.😍


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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