Sustainable and ethical fashion

I was happy to read recently, that H&M is publishing all of their production sites. They want to contribute to a more open fashion-world, by making it more accessible for the consumers to now what that they are getting. After articles about the horrible conditions in some of the factories that make clothing for them, I am happy to hear that. I hope that others will follow, because I know that H&M is not the only chain where the clothes are made in less than ideal conditions. I do shop at H&M, but less lately, because it gave me a bad taste in my mouth after the revelations. Although, when I have bought some more expensive clothing, I have been surprised that higher end brands also outsource the production, so as a consumer,I am not sure what to think anymore.

I do not want to contribute to poor conditions for others, on the other hand, how can I make sure? Are there others who experience this dilemma, or perhaps know more about the topic than me, and can give some advice?



    • A great article! I also shared it on facebook. I have definitely become more aware, and will more likely investigate more in the future, as from where the clothes origin. And, since I already love thrift shopping, I find that to be a good alternative also:-)

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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