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A post from CocoRae, a contribute to our awareness of the costs of fashion and how to shop more ethically. Thanks, CocoRae;)

Brioche and Berries

I know that most companies outsource to textile factories in foreign countries, but shouldn’t we expect more from luxury brands? When I noticed the ‘Made in China’ tag on my Burberry winter coat, I was shocked to say the least.

photo (14)

What are we really paying for? The obvious answer to that is the brand name itself, but when a company is charging $800 for something, you would think that they would be able to manufacture the product domestically or at least in a country that is known for better workplace practices.

Many of the countries in Asia that companies outsource to are NOTORIOUS for unsavory workplace conditions that put factory workers at risk. Just in the past six months there have been two fatal factory fires causing the deaths of over 100 workers in Bangladesh and another in Pakistan killing hundreds, where workers were trapped behind locked emergency exits. (CNN…

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