Memorial run and bombs

It is with a heavy heart that I read the news about the Boston Marathon bombings, which took place during a run which was supposed to honor the 26 people who died and the many injured in the Newtown school shooting. According to the Norwegian newspaper, 380 people have been charged with terrorist plans since 2001 in America. In Norway, 77 people were murdered and many more injured on July 22. 2011 because Anders Behring Breivik decided to plant a bomb and then shot in  cold blood, young people gathered at a political camp. This happened on an island, giving the youth no other chances of escaping , but to swim in the ice-cold water. The bomb attacks in Boston are horrible for those involved and their family and friends. It is also horrible for the survivors of July 22, September 11, and most likely a number of persons who have lost their loved ones suddenly. I can still feel it in my body when I got the news of my brother’s death. Even though the circumstances of his death were different, the experience was still numbing. And scary. So I can, in my own way, relate to some of the feelings that their next of kin are experiencing right now. And moreover, I am scared by the thought of the number of people in this world who are willing to sacrifice the lives of others. They are not rare and few. They are many, and they are secretive.

I understand that actions like these generate hate, wishes for retaliation, and all kinds of different emotions. Nevertheless, I believe that the only way to make our world safer is by teaching our children to be loving, understanding and that eye-for-an-eye only creates more sorrow.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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