The flow of life

I read an article today at I often do read about mindfulness and yoga, because even though they are both a big part of my everyday life, I need the little reminders. Numerous times, I have done asanas (the physical postures) or breathing excersices, without being fully present. It has become habitual, I just do them, and forget to be in the moment. Then it becomes merely a workout, and it seizes to be yoga anymore. Yoga is stillness, presence, the awareness of breath and movement, the awareness of my body and mind right in this moment. And, still, it sometimes is so easy to forget. So I love the reminders, that take me back to the place I want to be: present in my body, non-judgemental towards my own thoughts that are circulating continuously, non-judgemental towards others and non-judgemental of my own body.

 The latter has been a really important aspect for me since I got sick a while back. When the body is out of energy, and does not want to do what the mind wants it to, it is so easy to listen to the mind, and to start to look at the body as an enemy. I am trying to practice every day, to see my body as a friend. A friend who  is telling me that I need to live in pact with it, and not to struggle against it. Some days that is easier said than done, but the next day, on the mat, I try to again let the joy come over me. The joy of all the things I am blessed with, and thus practicing letting go of the thoughts of what I am missing out on. Disease can steal your joy, dreams, and the awareness of your limitations can cause grief. 
In the article that I read today, the author talked about vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa is a link of poses that are done in a sequence. But, it is also so much more. In vinyasa yoga, the feeling of flow comes when the breath can easily follow the movements. I have practiced vinyasa yoga for many years, I like the flow of it, therefore I also teach it. Lately, though, I have toned it down a bit to fit the strength of my body. 
What I was reminded of today, is that vinyasa is not only an asana practice, but it is a way to view life. To find flow in daily activities, to link breath naturally with movement, to move in ways that feel natural for our bodies. To take into consideration how your body feels. Be present, scan your body, and then you can decide on what intensity you can live on, this particular day. In out modern society, it might not be so easy to bring the intensity down, but nevertheless, perhaps it has never been as important.
When did you last feel the easyness and flow in your life? When did you last really listen, before you set the schedule of the day? When did you dance just because you felt like it, or rested when it was needed? When did you last feel that you were whole, that your mind, soul and body played on the same team, and wanted the same things? 
Today, I will listen. Today, I will practice acceptance 

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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