Blue sky?


The weather seemed to be a bit indecisive today, but when it finally stopped drizzling, I decided on heels today. I have never been into tassels before, but now I have these pumps and also a purse with tassels, and I love them. It could be the simplicity of the items, other than the tassels, that make me love them. Also, there might be deeper psychological reasons for it (no, don’t stop reading yet😜). We know something about how our brains work when we are continuosly exposed to something; when we see something that we not care for, repeatedly, we start to be familiar with it, and we start to like it. It is this phenomenon that the fashion industry is making it’s buck on. You have a few innovators that start to wear something, and eventually some of us start to think that we just have to have this item this season. I can relate to that😁.

I am not saying there is no individuality, because there is. And some people are great at dressing according to their bodytype, because, after all, we do not all look good in the same things. Since I have quite a bit of hips and bum, I tend to like high-rise jeans like these from Pieces, they seem to make my legs a little longer. And, blue is one of my favourite colors. This cardy from Jones New York has so much embellishment, jewellery would (almost) be redundant⭐.








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