I’m sorry for not knowing…

This poem, written by Kristen Mazzola, touched my heart so deeply, I asked her promission to share it on my blog. The ones who know me and the circumstances of the death of my brother, will probably have a notion of what touched me. But, poetry should just be experienced, and can touch different people in different ways. So, enjoy it in your own way!

(if you want to read more of Kristen, see khmazzola124.wordpress.com, she is an excellent writer)

Kristen Hope Mazzola

I am a broken person

shattered from what I did not know

too late marks my heart

a painful brand that will weigh on it

everlasting are all the words left unsaid

knowing now your fall leaves me shaken

please be at peace

finally resting and loving yourself

your heart now can be undaunted

your physical shell finally shed

my mind grips at questions unanswered

knowing this decision might have been the right now

please sleep peaceful within my soul

I will hug and cradle you finally

hush and close those eyes for everlasting love is yours to hold

you have changed my life unknowingly

your wings will wash over my mind

please spread them and be free

This poem was written for someone that I love and honor, please be kind and understand that this is me bearing my soul to you, if you do not have something nice…

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