Vintage. Does it have to look old?

I love vintage shopping, and I love dresses that look like they are taken straight out of the 40s or 50s. It can be really cool to style it like you were from that era, but not everyone can pull that off. It can end up  looking more like you came from a mascerade, rather than looking cool and different. This little dress in black with small black flowers is so cute, and here you see me styling it in different ways. Vintage look, and a more up to date look with boots and a leather jacket. You be the judge:-)








  1. Beautiful pictures, your face has the most photogenic expressions! I agree with you on updating older looks and vintage clothing, much of the clothing I have is second hand but that said, just because they’re old many were barely worn or never worn and since clothes were skillfully crafted back then the clothes that were worn a lot have lasted well through the ages. They only need modern accessories like you’ve worn to make them contemporary; that or buying vintage inspired clothes works just as well :).

    • Thank you for such sweet compliments💗💗💗I, and for visiting my blog. I agree, some vintage clothing is really good handicraft, and can easily be updated with newer accessories. It is fun to play with old and new👍.

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