The finds at the mid-season sales!

The sales are starting early, and by now you can find some really good spring and summer pieces for a good buck. Or just a classic piece you have been thinking of for a while. These are just a few tips, among the thousands of stores out there.

If you are still looking for the perfect leather pants, has Dagmar’s at 70% off, NOK 899:



If you like decorative shoes, these are definitely it! Mixblood corsar sandals at NOK 779 (70% off, still at



Summer dresses is a must. Mango has 30% off a lot of items.
What about a beautiful ocean blue dress, or a white one with spikes for a rougher style? Both for 299 NOK. Mango ships to a number of countries.



Shopbop has a sale with up to 70% of designer items. They also ship to a lot of countries, but you have to double check for each particular item. And, remember import taxes that applies to where you are.

They now sell this gorgeous Matthew Williamson Military Coat coat 70% off


What about a classy, yet different dress from Thakoon, with one large stripe? Also at Shopbop sale and 70% off. image

River Island has this boucle jacket half off, for 30£. Pretty, pretty! And so versatile! Use it with jeans, on top of a summer dress, you name it!


Printed trousers seem to be my guilty pleasure this spring, I love them. If I did not decide to have a shopstop on them, I might have gone for these from Asos, Aqua Armour Digital Print Trousers ca 740 NOK


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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