I count my blessings today!

Some days starts in a lovely way, a latte in the morning and a walk with my dad’s cute dogs that we are taking care of for a few days. Then I did my yoga practice.


I am trying to count my blessings, every day. Sometimes it comes naturally, like today, sometimes I have to remind myself.

Yoga and meditation have been important parts of my life for a number of years now. They  are no longer just important, they are crucial, they are the reasons for my wellbeing even in times of stress, grief and sickness. 
Yoga will reveal our weaknesses and our patterns of moving our bodies; it will help the body to heal, to find alignment, to be strong, and to open up. Here you see me in Trikonasana. It may not seem like much, but if I look back, it is. In my younger days I jogged a lot, making me really stiff (in combination with the not-so-lucky family genes in that department:). I could hardly move my sides and hips more than a couple of inches back then, so looking at this picture I have, over time, made lots of room to move, thus also saving myself from lower back pain, which I used to have. 
I have been practicing my inversions, and struggling with thosemI discovered that I have little strength in my shoulders, not enough to keep me stable. Working up that strength, I have discovered that my wrists are too weak. So, yoga is a study of one’s own body. 
New things are always revealed.
But, more importantly, yoga is a study of one’s mind. All our thought patterns, doubts, hesitations to follow our hearts or our dreams, fears and blessings will be revealed if you pay attention to your mind in the same way you would with your body. All those things mentioned, make up the veil that hides the true you, the “you”  who are more free from doubts, 
the “you who dare to follow your dreams and who know that everything that happens in some way is a blessing. It brings you closer to whom you really are.
 It is a work in progress. 
New things are always revealed. 
We will all compare ourselves to others, to feel just not good enough at times, think we will not be happy until….(we reach some goal we have) and forget to enjoy the path there. Trying, instead of believing that you can not do it. Sometimes what we thought was impossible, will, in time, be possible.
Change is a lesson in patience, in yoga we talk about decades, not days. I have had many lessons in patience, and since they keep coming, I guess I still have things to learn:-) But, that is ok. Knowing myself better has also made me more comfortable with the thought that I still have lots to learn.
It is a work in progress.
New things are always revealed.
I count my blessings today!

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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