Hairglam and thoughts about my new life!

After struggling with  a serious sleep disorder for years, and this leading to a total burnout eventually,I am now trying to find a good balance beteeen rest, work and socializing. It feels really good those days, like today, where I have the energy to have a lovely day out with a friend, sharing a meal, chatting and shopping. That is totally everyday happiness for me. 

It is a process to change the perception of myself. I have always had lots of interests, worked a lot, studied and moved between continents. Now I have to be careful to not spend all my energy for the day, and it really touches the core of who I think I am. I have to make other priorities. I can not do everything that I want. I am slowly finding that balance. And, I have also discovered, that small things make me happy. Like a good nights sleep (got some help from my doc), spending some time at home with my hubby, dressing up and having the energy to see friends. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!





Blouse from Thelin, skirt from Vila, shoes from Friis&Co, bracelet is vintage, cardigan from Bianco, bag from Renataa Corsi, hairpiece from Glitter.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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