The little writer in me is very excited!

I  recently have a newfound collaboration with an online magazine for women,, where we write about topics that women are concerned about; serious or silly, simple or deep. The magazine is developed by Tove Eggen, a writer, make-up artist, stylist and now head editor. The magazine is in Norwegian, so I am sure that you will notice that I will switch a bit between English and Norwegian on my blog, because I will publish some of the articles here also. I will try to post in both languages where appropriate. I have many tipics in mind, but I will try to make this blog mainly a fashionblog, but I am so many other things, as you probably have noticed, so the blog will be slightly schizofrenic, like me😜.

I love writing, I have for many years written poetry, so this is a welcomed pastime (and perhaps fullblown job in the future, if I want to do something different than therapy).

This is me on my way to thhe office today, with me rainboots on….





Blazer from h&m, boots from Ilse Jacobsen, jeans from Cheap Monday, tshirt from Mango, necklace and bracelets found on ebay.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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