Where heaven meets earth

I read this poem written my imquotingquotations.wordpress.com, and it was so touching I wanted to share it with you:


background photo from favim.com

I watch the sun kiss the sea;
The waters embrace its fading light.
They seem to come together
Even if they’re really far apart.
Illusions…  Oh, how beautiful!


I remember you sharing
Your dreams of being able to fly,
Of wanting to see the world.
And now you can with a bird’s eye view.
Realities… Oh, how painful!


What are you doing up there?
Maybe you’re jumping from cloud to cloud.
Maybe you’re dancing, gliding,
Laughing and playing with the angels.
I guess you’re in a better place.


Will you come and visit me?
Will you please let the wind bring you back
To the  place where you said “Yes–”
The place where I had you and lost you?
The grains of sand witnessed it all.


Were you that conservative?
The priest said: “You may now kiss the bride.”
I kissed you and you fainted,
Never opening your eyes again.
T’was wonderful, our first and last.


Are you still in your white dress?
And…  were you allowed to keep the ring?
Oh God you looked alluring
Even with a few strands of hair left.
Do they call you Mrs. up there?


Do you know that you’re my wife?

Can you remember all that we had–

Courting you, rejecting me,

Not giving up in pursuing you,

And finally accepting me?



Images of me, of us,

Of worthwhile memories that have passed,

Do you still have them with you?

Do you still hold them close like I do?

Does death require one to forget?


Even if you’ve forgotten,
I swear that I’ll always remember,
Cause though you cry like a kid,
Nag like my mom, demand like my boss,
You are and will always be loved.


Forever can start with loss

But I know ours is perpetuity,

Love that’s immeasurable.

For me, our eternity goes on.

The story of us continues.



In my mind you are alive.
That’s where I’ll love you and you’ll love me back.
Love makes Heaven and Earth meet.
That’s why even though you’re gone,
You’re still my lady and I’m your man.


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