How to dress down a pretty dress

I got this dress in the mail today (yes, I am a web shopper) and I was sooo looking forward to trying this Vera Wang Lavender silk dress. I put it on, and #?#%€# the zipper would not go up! Sad-faced I went to the shower, thinking I had to return it because it was too small.I came out of the shower, not ready to give up on this dress….and boom, there is was. Got the zipper over the little crease where it was stuck, and it was on. Oh, happy me:-)

Have you ever felt that you just wanted something on so badly?

This is not news exacty, but using a leather jacket and some boots will really change up a dress, or rather, down. Went to see friends at the local music fest, which is a yearly tradition. As much as I like to dress up, I also try to be appropriate to the situation. So, I had decided to wear my wonderful new Vera Wang Lavender silk dress, no matter what!:-) So, the solution was to dress it down. This will probably be one of my favourite outfits this summer:-)






Boots from Bianco, bag from Carla Ferreri, necklace from ebay, leather jacket from Zara.




Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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