Happiness and disaster, all at once

While I am sitting safely at home with my husband on a rainy Saturday, enjoying each other’s company and a good movie, my thoughts also go to my former hometown Calgary.

Southern Alberta in Canada is flooded due to terrential rain and snow melting. Calgary’s city centerstreets have turned into rivers, people are homeless, power is out. In nearby town I have heard of a casualty. This is serious, and I am watching the pictures of my precious former hometown with terror. I am praying that all my friends are well(I know that most are),  and I hope Calgary will recover rapidly from this. It is just a couple of years ago my friend and I rafter quiely down the river Bow in the sun. The city looking beautiful from the water. My husband and I would run or bike the pathways along the river, now ruined by masses of water. If we had still lived in the same appartment, we would have been evacuated, staying in evacuation centers with only our essentials, not knowing if or when we would get our home back.

That is a strange thought, sitting her in the silent rain, safe, happy and sad at the same time. 

A mixture of feelings, enjoying the peacefulness of the day here, and feeling with everyone that once were so close to me.



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