It is finally Friday! 
Ever since I had a meltdown a few months ago, when my longterm sleeping problems finally caught up with me, I have tried to balance my life, my usage of energy, and slowly (indeed slowly!) but surely I have felt better. I have felt more positive about my future health, I have been a better wife, I have prioritized doing things that also give me energy, I have rested and I have been loving life recently. This week has felt like a setback. I have just felt so tired, out of energy again. My ego is worried. So I am trying to console it, saying to myself it is a temporary setback and that I am on the right track (yes, I have all those voices in my head, and no, I am not schizo:-) Have you ever experienced ruminating over the reasons for your ill-being, still knowing that there is not real answer to that? Sometimes things are just the way they are. I think I will have to meditate on that, trying to come to terms with it, that thing are ok just the way they are (it is a work in progress). Or, I might just have another glass of wine:-)
An uncomplicated joy in my life is fashion…and today it is flowers!

Dress from Ganni recently obtained from the My Wardrobe sale, bomber is several years old, bag from Renata Corsi, bracelets from Marc Jacobs.

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