Bliss or bless❤

Today my husband and I went to the beach for the first time this year. As the blogger I have become, I packed not only my bikini, but my camera also.



Arriving there, I discovered that the camera had fallen out of my backpack. I looked everywhere, and even whent back home to check. It was nowhere to be found. I found myself very frustrated, maybe also perhaps the fact that lately a lot of my things have been lost or broken. I was even frustrated with myself for being frustrated, because they are really just items, and they do no represent the important things in life. I think that partially the reason for me being frustrated, is that growing up we did not have a lot of things (we were not poor, but definitely not spoilt with things). When I started to earn my own money, it frequently happened that when I finally had some money to save, the car broke down, or money was stolen from me, or something. I just could not get ahead!

It dawned on me that perhaps I deep down did not believe that it was possible for me to have things come easily to me, or even that I deserved it. Lately I have meditated a lot on this, and I trust more now that I believe that good things come to me. And, I have also experienced that. I have love in my life, I got a great job, I am healing slowly from my disease…

After relaxing and meditating at the beach, I suddenly got the urge to get an icecream at the icreamstand. I thought I might just ask the girl there if she knew anything about a camera being lost. And, she did! A lady had found it and turned it in there!


Coming home from the beach, our sweet neigbour came and asked if I had lost an earring (which I had done at the bbq last night). I could hardly believe my ears. Good things DO come to me! 

Firstly, I am so thankful for all the honest and sweet people in my life!

Secondly, I am happy that I am starting to believe that some things can come easily, without struggle, and because I deserve them!

I am blessed! 

I am blessed for the daily reminders, for the lessons that I am tought, and for me listening to those lessons (at least sometimes😜).



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