Patience and gratitude!

Patience is a virtue, it has been said. To me, patience is not a virtue you either have or you don’t. Mind you, some people are naturally more patient than others, but I believe that patience is something that can be practiced over time.

I consider myself a patient person in many ways, for instance am I patient with people’s reactions, people’s struggles, the processes that others need, patient with children.
I am certainly not patient with electronic equipment that does not work (and that I can not find a reasonnable quick solution to). I am learning to be patient with my husband’s way of dealing with time-he thinks he has time to do everything, and that makes him constantly late. It has made me very impatient, but I have also learned to laugh at it…if we do not have bigger problems than that, I can not complain;-)

I have learnt something about patience in a different way, having a chronic physical condition. For years I did not sleep well, but I did not want that to slow me down. I have always seen myself as someone who are interested in a lot of things, able to follow my dreams, being able to work a lot…until a day my body said: no more! Now I learning to be patient with the process. My body has to be the measure of how fast it can proceed, and not my mind, which is a transition to me. I have to practice patience.

My body being in the state it is, I am experiencing a lot of setbacks (like the one right now where I have streps and feel frankly like crap). Those setbacks are harder to be patient with, I can get frustrated and think that I will never get well, it is more difficult to feel gratitude (I personally believe that gratitude is so important to feel well, in so many ways, and there is always something to feel grateful about). The feeling of gratitude is so healing, it gives energy, it can even push away depressive thoughts…over time!

It does help me to focus on what I am grateful of, by for instance writing them down every night.

So, today, I am grateful for:
that I have the possibility to relax while I am sick and take time to heal
for yoga and meditation that is also healing
for my understanding husband
for a great family whom I can always count on
for a wonderful job with wonderful people
for being able to have fun with clothes and blogging and reading fashion magazines
for friends that I can talk to
for good food (especially when it is cooked for me:-)
for the comfort of my own home
for the fact that I tend to attract honest and kind people (or choose them)

What are you thankful for today?

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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