A long-weekend with no fashion-yes, for real😜

I have been away from civilisation for a few days, at my father’s cottage in the mountains. It feels so good to not have to pay any mind as to what I should wear, how I look, and what is happening in the outside world. The phone service is so bad, I can hardly read my e-mail. Then I truly discover how addicted I am to facebook and Instagram…well, I guess I already knew:-) It is refreshing to not wear a watch, just rest, read a book and walk in the mountains..and even do some yoga up there:-) Truly mindfulness! And after a few days, I long back to my shower, my bed and my closet…long for more high heels probabilities and jewellery:-) I love the contrasts in life, it makes me appreciate everyting more!









Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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