Family meetings, canals and shoes

Yes,  my day was quite eventful. First, my husband and I went to meet his sister on the airport. This gorgeous, wonderful woman that I have felt that I have know for quite a while, but it is that feeling you get with some people, more than a fact…

I love Amsterdam, with the narrow houses, alleyways and canals. The charming houseboats and funny stores. Just walking around, or taking a canal cruice, is such a nice way to spend my day. And, not surprisingly, we ended up shoe shopping:-) So , I changed from my black boots (from Bianco) to some cute sandals, which totally changes the look of this lace dress (from Ganni) from a mix of sweet and rough, to merely sweet and summery. Then we finished off the day with some homemade sushi and great company at our friends’ house.








  1. Love the blog, but this post in particular 🙂 I agree, amsterdam is a brilliant place, but the canals are deffo not as good as our English ones! Go to my blog, i bet i can convince you – Anyway just wanted to say loved the post and everything you do, i m following you now so keep posting 🙂

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