First day of vacation – rain☔☔

That is not entirely true, I have already had some vacation at home in Norway, with quite a few good days…you have seen my beach pics:-) But, after checking my friend’s facebook, I was execting 30C and sunny…but here we go, 15C and rain! And I didn’ t pack my warm clothes:-) Regardless, It has been great to reconnect to my childhood friend, chat, eat well, drink far too well, he heh (do as the Romans, you know)…..





The greatest door stoppers!



Sandals from Mango (and hey, out looking for more!!), skirt from ebay, sweater and bag both from DKNY, scarf is vintage, leather jacket from Zara. Sunnies not neeeded!!


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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