Open spaces

This is definitely not a travelling blog, but vacation is so much more exciting to write about than everyday (boring) life😜. 

I love the Netherlands. Before, I have seen mostly downtown Amsterdam, but on this trip i got to see lots from the trains rides, Eindhoven and north of Amsterdam city centre. I absolutely love the tiny centre houses, the canals and covble stones. But, I have to say that the northern part is just as beautiful. It seems much more spacious, so clean, with canals and water to go windsurfing on. New houses, old villages…I have taken so many pictures of houses, it would bore you if I posted the, all, but I want to show you a little bit of the view around here. 






For a walk, I am wearing Bianco boots, Raybans and DKNY sweater and bag.

A funny observation: a few times when I went to the washroom, the mirror was so high up, I could only study my eyebrows. Even though Scandinavians are known to be tall (I am quite everage), Dutch people are really tall! So tall I can not even use their mirrors, he he.


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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