Transitions… embrace them or fear them?

Sometimes this becomes more than a fashion blog. Those who know me, know that I have many layers, and sometimes I feel like letting a few of them out to the public.
Today I have been thinking about transitions, in so many ways.
I have been sitting with a cup of coffee outside, looking at all the children and youth who just started school. Some for the first time, some are going back. The first-timers look full of expectation and pride, oblivious of all the expectations that will be put on them for the next years to come. Parents look proud, curious about how the upbringing of their chuld, so far, will help or hinder them in a new period of their life.
The youth are trying to fit in, to ensure survival in an environment that can either be supportive, or can reject you. I am thinking how glad I am for being an adult, being able to choose which ones I share my daily life with, my friendships with, my occupation and my pastimes. Friendships might come and go, just because life changes, and sometimes you feel more connected to some friends, and not to others. That is why I never take it personally when my friends do not get back to me very often. I know they have to make their own priorities in life, and perhaps there will be a time when we have to opportunity to get closer again.

I want to hold on to summer, like I want to hold on to so many things in life. I just passed my old job, where I spent 10 years. I have been joking about me growing up there. And, it is partially true, I did find parts of my adult self there, and even more so after. When I quit my job, I thought I would miss it terribly. I think it was more a reaction to me knowing what I had, and not what was coming, because as times went, I was quite happy that that particular time in my life was over. Not because it was bad, just because I have developed more by making those changes in life, and I am really enjoying the work I do now.

My health is also in trasitions. Or, so I hope. After about 9 years with a sleeping disorder, and a total burnout a fee months ago, I had to take a look at myself and my life. Suddely, I was no longer the woman who was able to do whatever I wanted, sometimes just on pure spite, because I had been quite drained for a while. Now I have to consider my use of energy every day, and I am not superwoman (darn!), with the help of medication my body is slowly learning that it is fine to sleep, and I can sleep for 10-12 hours every day, if I do not have to go to work early. I try to see that as a good sign. At least I can, on good days:-) I try to work on the transition of dealing with a chronic illness, and still believe that the body can heal and learn how to get proper rest on its own.

The negative thoughts can be the hardest transition to overcome. The ones that have been there forever, comes almost unnoticeably and tells me that I will not get better, or things will not change, and I have to worry about my future work abilities. I try to pay attention to when they come, and to remind myself that they are just thoughts, they are not the truth.

Everything is in transition, nothing stays the same! That could work to my benefit also, right?

And to yours! What transtitions are you afraid of, or working towards, or hoping for?

Love, S

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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