I am a real bargain queen! How to shop at designer sales!

I love designer clothes, but let’s face it, as a therapist, my wallet does not agree with my expensive taste:-) So, I love it when the designer stores have sales! I often order online, and especially at stores where I know that I easily can return the item if they do not fit.

Some people do not like shopping online. For me, I love to sit in the comfort of my own home and browse. Suddenly I see an item I could not afford on full price on sale, and I can click it home. Some stores, like My Wardrobe, have final clearances, with sale on sale items. And, when they only have a couple of items left of a certain brand, they are eager to sell it. So, my way of shopping is to check the sales sites often, to see if new items have showed up…and yay, sometimes ideal items in my size pop up, like recently I found a couple of basic, good wardrobe pieces at about 80 percent off.

Like this skirt from Vivienne Westwood Anglomania (sorry for the small pics, they are taken from the sale site).
image image

This skirt will be great for fall, and is timeless. After craving for colour and pattern this spring, I have recently looked for more basic, toned-down classic pieces to love forever!!

I believe this will be one, together with this amazing Michael Kors jacket also found at the same sale, different day!


  1. I like to do both, depends on my mood…always in the mood for shopping, but sometimes I prefer doing it from the comfort of my home, like you mentioned.

    Right now Im looking for a leather jacket, a clasic one that I can use for many years to come…in brownish color…not black.(I think) And strappy sandals nude…though its not season for them…

  2. I’ll try 🙂 oh så dumt… they were not sold out when I copied the link…sorry about that. Let you know if I find them 🙂

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