When can shallow be deep, and deep be shallow?

You may read my blog, and perhaps see my pictures on Instagram, where it’s all ME, ME, ME. I have to admit that I have had various thoughts about people who want to promote themselves like that before (yes, I admit to being prejudist at times:-). Sometimes I would think that they had a shallow lifestyle and outlook on life, other times I would envy them flr being able to live a life that seem so much less complicated than mine (or, so it would seem, I know that is fooling myself:-)

But, does our choice of carreer or pastime define our entire lives? Of course not!
Although we live in a society where we often define who we are accordingly to what it is that we do to pay our bills, I am trying to free myself from that.
I have always been a busy bee, studying or working a lot. Eager to learn, believing that I have a lot of capacity. I have devoted my worklife to help people who struggle in different ways, being a therapist and a yoga teacher. Perhaps, at times, I have taken that role so seriously, that I have taken myself far too seriously. After starting to work professionally at 23, I left my inner child behind, very adamant about being taken seriously. I can not claim that I grew up too fast, but rather that I had a lot of other peoples problems on my shoulders at a young age, and it can get heavy after a while.

When my body sort of gave up after 8 years of severe sleeeping problems, the chock of the sudden death of my brother and food allergies, I could no longer be the person I used to be. And, who was I then? That is when I decided to open up for the part of me that do not concern myself with the problems of the world, but rather the pleasure of getting nice things, showing off myself in those nice things, and write silly articles about it. So, I do not care anymore, if anyone finds that shallow. Shallow is just what I need right now, to heal and to create some positive energy in my life. So, what can seem like shallow, is rather some deep, profound needs in order to fill up that empty battery, to enjoy life, to not take life so seriously! Life has to contain a bit of play, otherwise it loses its purpose and joy.

I have met many people who have chosen a different carreer path than me, people who I have had conversations with, where I have wondered where this immense wisdome comes from…and it comes from within, from the lived life, from the capacity of feeling with others. I think I have learned to not judge by the covers, because everyone has a story, and if I care to listen, often an interesting one too. And, who am I to judge whether it is interesting, anyway? It is their narrative, their story, that defines who they believe they are. And, just like me, they have qualities that they describe themselves with, and just like me, they sometimes have to alter their perception of themselves.

Sticking to your convictions does not always make you solid, deep; it can make you stuck! Perhaps the ability to consider alternative viewpoints will be freeing?

That, my friends, is to me the deepest change, regardless of whether the surroundings would call you shallow or wise….YOU are the only one who can define that, and you are the one who can embrace all sides of yourself!

What is a better way to do that, than with a “selfie”, he he.

Love, S


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