Same s### (skirt, of course:-), different day

Yes, I am wearing the same skirt as I did yesterday, but I think it gives it a different look with a knit, a belt and big boots. Since it is Monday, which is most often meeting-day at work, that allows me to dress up a little, with a skirt or a dress, if I feel like it. In an environment where many workers need to dress more practically, I am aware that I sometimes stand out of the crowd. I am ok with that, mostly, as long as I am feeling ok with what I am wearing. I have experienced more than once, in my past worklife, that colleagues and clients have commented on my dressing, and said that it enhances their mood of the day-something I did not expect. So, perhaps I do not only dress for myself, but for my environment also….perhaps you find me conceited when I say that…well, that is pretty far from the truth, but as I have grown older, I have learned to accept and like myself, and I also express that in the way I dress.





Skirt found on ebay, knit from Vila, coat from La Redoute, belt is vintage, boots from Whyred.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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