Santosa – to be totally content, can it be done?

Have you ever had the feeling that it does not matter if you live or die. No, this time I am not thinking about the typical thoughts when you are depressed or down, and you just want to escape the hardships, and you don’t care anymore.

No, this time I am talking about santosa (pronounced santosha), which in Sanskrit means contentment. Have you ever been so peaceful and with a feeling of such contentment, that you could have died a happy person right then and there? I have. No, I will not at all say that I am that happy-go-lucky person that is alway content and never unhappy. That would be lying. In fact, I think anyone who says that is lying (even though I know that some people are in general more content than others).

It is more a short-term feeling, but when it is there, it is one of the best feelings ever!! I know that it appears more often when I meditate regularly. And still, sometimes I have to remind myself to do it, or I skip it to watch tv instead, because it feels so much easier at the time. Isn’t it funny how our brain tries to avoid things we know is good for us, because it wants to do the things it is used to doing instead?

I know I should not multitask with tv and my tablet late at night, because it can disturb my sleep. I know I should choose a quiet hour instead, but do I do it? Noooooo….
I want to be stimulated, sometimes up until the point where I just turn the tv off and fall asleep. And, this I do, even though my experiences tell me that I would like to experience santosa more often…but that requires some effort.

What do you tend to avoid, that you know really want to do more often?


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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