What is your outlook on life? And how do you approach challenges?

Today I am thankful…

because I do get everything I need. It is not like I get everything I want (never been that spoiled, and i would say luckily:-) and particularly not when I want it. But, somehow every challenge I have been through have subsided, and they have taught me something.

Sometimes it can be difficult to be grateful, when you are in the midst of a crisis (you just want it to go away, right?) Sometimes it is in hindsight, that I can see how an experience has contributed to my growing as a human being.

I have done some things I am not proud of, and hurt someone dear to me. But, nothing that happens is only bad, even though it can seem so for a while. The bad consciousness I have had, has made me realize who I am and what I value in life. So, in knowing what I do not want, I also know what I want and what kind of person I want to be.

I have, more than once, experienced that letting go of expectations and practicing patience (oh, and have I ever had to practice a looot of patience;-) has given me my greatest joys in life, because I have gotten my wishes fulfilled…eventually.

And, I think that if I had been impatient, I would not have gotten to experience moving to Canada, finishing my masters, becoming a yoga teacher, getting the best job ever, and letting love back into my life.

So, everyday I try to be thankful for all the things that DO work out well in my life instead of what do not, and also things that will give me a broader perspective. It is someting I have to practice everyday, and when I do, I make less room for worrying about what can happen or what other people think about me and my choices.

I said many years ago that I am a collector of experiences, good or bad, and I still believe that is descriptive of how I see myself.

I a, also very thankful for everyone who take their time to read my blog or my articles at http://www.iknowthatmagazine.com. They represent small pieces of the multifaceted person that I am, and I hope that you will slowly reveal pieces of who you are…whenever you are comfortable with it:-)

What makes you thankful? Are you thinking more about the things that do not go according to your expectations? Or, do you let life surprise you positively with solutions you never saw coming.


Sometimes you have to see things from a different angle😜😜

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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