Champagne lunch on a Thursday – and no, my life is far from glamorous, you’ll see:-)

Since I am writing articles for the magazine, I was invited to a pressmeeting to see Lulu’s new products. Lulu’s is created by two young and upcoming designers who have been known in Norway for their exclusive makeup- and toiletry bags. They have now included bags, luggage, phone cases and ipad cases in their collection.

I have to admit, I would have gone only for the Champagne and snacks at Bølgen&moi, a fancy reataurant on Oslo’s west side.
You just have to love these candy-coloured old buildings in Briskeby:-)



I was soo pleasantly surprised when I saw the collection. Great leather, great colours and so many variations. Follow and you can read an article about it (it’s in Norwegian, sorry to my English speaking followers).

The whole decoration was in fact gorgeous





It is easy to think now, that I often go to these Champagne lunches and live a glamorous life, but those of you who have followed me for a while, know it isn’t so. Writing about fashion is a fairly new hobby, and I love it! It gives me the right amount of superficiality (is that even a word.:-) in my life as a therapist and otherwise concerned citizen. I love dressing up to go to these events, mingle, get to know people, take outfit pictures, and I also got to meet a good friend after. When I came home, I had drained myself of all energy! My body is not what it was, after getting sick, so even fun things can be a bit too much for me at times.

So, no, my life is not glamorous. It is so many things. Boring, exhausting, fun, difficult, quiet….but I try to add some more fun….because…well, why not!!😃😃

These days I am all about portraying myself honestly. I do not want to contribute to a society that only condones prefection. We do not have to have the perfect job, family, pastimes, children, friends, and still have the energy to smile in every picture, and to say “I’m good” everytime someone asks. It is ok to not be all that also…and just be yourself with all that that entails.

Love, S

PS. This was me yesterday, in ebay dress and coat, ebay jewellery, Michael Kors bag and Beau Coops boots.
Yesterday was a good day, I felt energized and happy. Today I have not much energy left, tired and without concentration. Those are the contrasts of life…I try to embrace all:-)








  1. You look great! What a fun event! Also, thank you for contributing to the conversation with honesty 🙂 So important. xo

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