Mid Season Sales

Just when the post-season summer sales are over, the stores are starting the mid-season fall sales. I will browse through some of them to give you my tips on what is a good buy. First out is My Wardrobe, one of my favourites because they have a wide range of brands, the prices include taxes (which is an important factor importing to Norway) and good memeber deals.

My tip is to find good quality, timeless pieces at the brand/designer stores, pieces that you can love for years. Then you can rather get the more seasonal pieces at the high street brands. For instance, add a plaid scarf or a animal print shirt, and you are totally updated for fall. Some pleather pants with the more expensive boots or pumps makes it a nice mix between pretty and cool. A short but warm kknitted sweater combined with the leather skirt here, and when you are going to a party, you can trade the sweater for a nice blouse.

Here are my picks:


Top left Dagmar/Jo Jaquard Pattern top
White dress is from Michael Kors
Brown and blue tote is from Marc Jacobs
Pink bag from See by Chloe
The grey and black jacket is from Theory (Amazing Laura Waterfall Jacket)
The burgundy bag is from Eline Ghisellini
The blue bag (bottom right ) is from Rebecca Minkoff
The black lace shoes are from Red Valentino
Leather pencil skirt is from By Malene Birger
Ancle booties are from Lucy Choi London

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