Happy colour, happy skirt!

Can blue be a happy-colour? I believe so…
I bouth this blue skirt from Carven with spring in mind, but this morning the bright blue colour caught my attention, and I though..why not? Blue can be a fall colour🎽.

What I was not prepared for, were activitites at work. In my mind I had planned therapy sessions and some relaxation, but sometimes one has to improvise, so you can imagine me trying to show off headstand in yoga (it can be relaxing, that was my purpose for showing the technique) with my skirt up over my ears, he he. I bet it was quite the sight😜.






Boots from Timberland, skirt from Carven, sweater from Vila, scarf is vintage, jacket from LaRedoute and bag from Michael Kors.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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