Flowers and ice

Yes, it is starting to get colder here, below zero at night, so this weekend I will go thought my closet for the winter coats that have been packed down. Luckily I had a couple hanging in my closet already. Played a little dress-up to go to my mom’s for dinner….since my motto is that you can never be too overdressed:-)) ha ha except perhaps when you unexpectedly have to do yoga in a skirt, like yesterday:-)
I feel very settled down when the only thing I feel like doing on a Saturday night is to go to finner at my mom’s, he he. But, I also know that it has to do with my general energy levels since I got sick last year…but I will not complain, I am encouraged by the (slow) improvement.








Oh, and I was very happy to finally find this necklace. I bought it years ago, but always liked the combo of pearls and chain, but I thought I had lost it (that happens when you move a lot), but yeaterday as I was looking for something else, it suddely appeared:-)

Coat- Kenneth Cole
knit- Estradeur/LaRedoute
dress- Club L/Asos
boots- Bianco
gloves- ebay

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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