The kitten heels

My feet are pretty happy about the fact that the kitten heels are back, I might have to get me a pair. i have to be honest, they are not quite as sexy as the stilettos, but jeez, some of the stilettos make me look like I am walking like a duck after a while, when my feet and knees are totally out of if (you can picture it, right?šŸ˜‚). There is nothing sexy about walking like a duck either, so I don’t know about that. And my goodness, the willingness to do everything to look good tends to fade away with age (ok, not when it comes to all things, I am still very vain:-)

So, kitten heels are a good everyday option.

What are your feelings regarding kitten heels??




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  1. Dont like them, but thats maybe because I dont know how to wear them…But no, sorry…Prefer to ruin my knees for a little bit longer…

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