Life lessons


Some would say that the idea of seeing challenges and pain in life as lessons or ways to improve our souls, is an idea that is man-made to make challenges more feasible, more manageable. If we believe that things that happen in our lives has a higher purpose, we will manage them better. Pain will not feel as random, our lives will have a higher purpose .

Some would say that it is a spiritual journey, where we are born with a dharma, you can call it fate, the purpose of that life. And, you will encounter the lessons until you learn, you will encounter the same kind of people until you realize what it is that they are there to show you about yourself.

Either way, I truly believe that whatever is helpful, is of the good. Is it important to be right (ok, if you are pedantic, you might think so…something I off course never am, he he), or is it important to live with an idea that help us when we encounter these challenges, regardless of what other people believe?

To think that other people mirror what I have to work on in order to be more in peace with myself and to be les worried, jeez, it’s quite an exhausting thought at times….why can’t things just be simple, and why can’t I just think that people are doucebags, without turning the mirror towards myself in order to work on my own response of them 😕.

Sometimes I wish that life was simpler, but the fact is that I would probably be bored if it were, if I did not constantly reflect on things like these🔮. I am trying to be a better person, but sometimes I truly would like to give a damn, enjoy simplicity and simple explanations. Sigh, I guess that is not my dharma😜.

How about yourself? Do you believe in a higher force, higher purpose, or a need for self-development? Does it give you strength in life, or does it seem like yet another expectation from a society that requires a lot?



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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