Michael Jacksons doctor is (finally!) free

This might seem like a random topic, but it is not as random as it might seem. I have previously, for 10 years, worked with people with an addiction. Michael Jackson was a man with an addiction, no doubt in my mind.

I have seen doctors write out far too many prescriptions, and I think that they should be better educated and better checked. That being said, I also know that personality-changes comes with a severe addiction. One of these is the ability to be very manipulative to get what you desperately think you need- the sustance as to which you are addicted. This causes a lot of difficult situations for doctors; how much do the person really need this? Is he /she using from other suppliers? what happens if I totally stop the supply? Am I able to say no?

I was so provoked when Mr Murray was sentenced and thus held responsible for Mr Jackson’s death!! Yes, many doctors need to be more careful, but Mr. Jackson was an adult (well, perhaps that is questionnable:-) who was responsible for his own actions. Every person is responsible for what they put in their own bodies. It’s not like he did not know it was dangerous. But, addictions are hard to get out of.


And, because he was so famous, the society needed to find a scapegoat, and that happened to be Mr. Murray. If we should incarcerate every doctor who prescribes too much medication from time to time, we would not have many doctors left to treat us, would we?

If you think about a scenario where a homeless person would get a little too much Oxycontin and overdose on it, no such investigation would have been done. Does that not signal to the rest of the society that some people are worth more than others, just because they have fame and money?

Sadly, the incarceration of Mr. Murray has kept society from learning something from this. One man was made responsible, and that was not the individual with the addiction and the whole society in which he lived.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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