30% off warm winter wear!!

My Wardrobe now has 30% off a lot of their warm winter wear, with the code WINTER30. And nothing is better than buying good pieces at a discount, right (well, I am the discount queen, he he)
Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Sweater from Marc by Marc Jacobs, lights up the day with some colour


Wooljacket from Carven, stylish, stylish, stylish


A classic cut coat from Sportmax Code, this one will definitely highlight your curves. You find it in black also, but red is a popping colour, I have to say.


MCQ Alexander McQueen, a skirt in knit with wonderful details that will hide any belly you might tink you have, and make the hips look xtra nice:-)


Harris Tweed, the ultimate plaid coat!


Sportmax code angora jumper…a jumper you can use far out in the 2014, as sogt pastel colours is going to be the big thing.


Carven jumper- just look at that waist!!


See anything you like?



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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