Isabel Marant feeeever! You can win!!!

Did you get something from the Marant and H&M collection?

It seems like everybody and their grandma is wild about this collection! Some lucky people have been invited to pre-shopping tonight, the night before. I am a little offended that I was not an obvious choice (not really, but it would have been fun). But, I guess that is what I deserve after that saying earlier that Marant is not my cup of tea:-)
But, a girl can change her mind, right? When it comes to fashion, I am really not the boho chic type, but I have seen pictures of some pieces that just scream “ME”. Curious to see if I will get a hold of them tomorrow.

And, you can guess what it is that I am hungring for, and win a cool goodiebag!
Leave a message here, and tell me if you think I will go for the boots with fringes, the dress or the colourful cardigan. I will do a drawing on Sunday. The competition is for my Norwegian readers.





You can share my picture and like + tag me on Instagram @sonjadurand. If I get 50 likes and followers, you can also win a Beck Søndergaard scarf!!


  1. Kanskje for sent å være med på konkurransen nå? men tror kanskje du går for den kjolen. Den synes vertfall jeg var fin 🙂 Fin blogg!

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