Hey, who’s there?

It’s hard to see it’s even me, I am all covered in this hat, he he. But, despite the anonymity I love this hat, it is all wool and is really warm. Suddenly it got so cold, I guess we can look forward to months with winter now…I wish I could hybernate (next life, I will be a bear, for sure!)
Last night, all of a sudden, it got cold. We were leaving my mom’s house late at night, or so we thought, but the doors on the car was frozen. It is not a new phenomenon, but it surprises me every time it happens for the first time of winter. Many a morning I have thanked myself for doing yoga, as I have tried to cravle in from the back of the car, he he, you can picture that, right?
Last night my hubby decided to crawl in….ha ha just happy that he didn’t get stuck, he is so much taller and bigger than I am….and he does not do ANy yoga:-)

This weekend we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Yeah, it’s a bit early, but we are not off next Thursday here in Norway, so we have decided to do it on a Saturday. So today we went shopping for a looooot of groceries. The turkey is just waiting for us now…yum:-)





jeans-Just USA
bag-Carla Ferreri
scarf and blouse-unknown

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