Super cute braid updo (like Prim in The Hunger Games 2)

Last night we invited friends for a pre-Christmas dinner, it has become a nice tradtition, and it is great with good company.😍
I have always been impressed by how Marie, my friend, can braid her own hair and do her own updoes. So, after dinner last night, she wanted to try a technique that was new to her, that she had learned on facebook. It is actually the same braid that Prim (the little sister of Katniss Everdeen (isn’t that the coolest name ever????)) has in Hunger Games 2:)

I thought it came out great!!! Thanks, Marie!






20131130-120652.jpgThis is what she did on herself-impressed much!


I did’t even want to take it out while sleeping, hoping that it would still be good when I woke up. He he, not quite, as you can see. Perhaps I need to take it out before going out today, otherwise I would probably have to go alone😜😜😜



  1. Den var veldig fin, tror ikke at jeg fikk med meg detaljene på insta men OMG! den fletta var fin og viste ikke at den var fra Prim/ Hunger Games 😉 hehe super flott er den!

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