Simple work attire

Yes, sometimes simple is good. Jeans and a blazer can be really chic, and I like it when a coloured shirt makes it a bit more interesting. Oh, white shirts are classy and nice also, I give you that, but this burgundy patterned one gives me a feeling of being more relaxed, somehow.

PS: My hair does not stand on it’s own – it IS really windy:)

I have had two intense days at work, so I am truly welcoming the weekend. Looking forward to my hubbys stak dinner tonight, and to just relax and watch some mind-numbing tv:) Yes, I do like informative tv and documentaries, but also mind-numbing series….it is nice to just receive and not have to give, sometimes…and take life less serious! Jeez, I have lived my life so seriously for many years, now I need a balance:) Be goofy and be occupied with “superficial” stuff. Superficial is underrated, he he.





Blazer-sooo old I cannot remember (but it fits me so well, I have a hard time replacing it)
shirt- Z
jeans – Just USA
boots- bianco
bracelet – ebay
necklace – Accessorize


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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