Holiday peace?

For lots of people the Holidays do not mean a peaceful time. Either living in a place where there is none to be found, or living in a family where peace comes seldom, worries, disease, etc etc. A lot of children do not look forward to Christmas, because we know that the Holidays are days when family problems, violence and substance abuse pike. Perhaps it is the time to see those children, give them some extra attention, listen to what they have to say, being interested in hearing what their life is really like, behind the fasade.

Some struggle with stress before Christmas. Many families struggle with little time together as it is, and having to clean, shop and bake makes stress worse. For many, I think that the bad conscience of being away even more, is the killer. I know it’s easy to say, but what about lowering the bar? What the family wants is just to spend time, cherish traditions and live a slower life.
This saying below is helpful for me sometimes; I often think that If only this or that happens, then everything will be good….but, really, I know that life is now. When I manage to be in the now, and be content with that, nothing else really matter.


Hugs, Sonja



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