Why did I already spend all my money (well, I have bought x-mas gifts, which I do enjoy)???
This gorgeous bag is on 40% sale on My wardrobe

It is Michael Kors, and MK bags are never on sale here!! Until now. And, I can truly fall in love with something, and then have a hard time to get it out of my mind, ha ha, OCD much:)

You find it here.
I will do my best to keep away!

If you are looking for a warm winter jacket, though (and down is the best!!!), MK also has this feminine and beautiful down coat for halv off! You find it here.


If I had not recently bought myself a Woolford down parka, I would definitely have gone for this one! My kind’a style:)


  1. I dont enjoy bying em, but giving and watching while they get opened. I say do it! 🙂 BTW Im back! ha ha…just had to much to in desember, and the only time I used my comp for other than grading papers was email, and trying to do some writing of my own…

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