Lace and stilettos

I feel like we have gone from one dinner party to another the last few days, and it is so nice:)
I love good food, to spend time with my family. And, I cannot lie, I love every reason to dress up:)

Today I chose to use a red lace dress as a skirt. The dress, which is a bodycon assymmetric dress is very party-party, but with a blazer over, it is dinner-proper.
dress- Zack/Nelly
shoes-Sam Edelman
clutch- Friis&Co.
bracelets- h&m and Marc Jacobs

The curls from yesterday was very losely put up for a casual-cut updo. The make-up is in light red and grey (the picture does not do it justice, I am afraid)










I have to apologize for the boring backgrounds these days. It gets dusk around 2pm, and by the time we leave for dinner it is dark out, so we make few pictures outside these days..


  1. Gjennomført and nice colors. I know you like to dress up, and you are very good at it. And all those nice coats you have in different colours? #jealous 😉

    • Takk, søte deg. Ja, jeg har noen kåper/jakker. Har et skap i gangen hvor stangen holdt på å dette ned, he he. Så mannen min måtte ut før jul og kjøpe ny, så nå har han fikset sånn at han også får plass til sine jakker, ler. Det var jo på tide:)

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