A time to reminisce

Very often, the end of the year, is a time to reminisce. To tell the story about the last year. To give it a stamp of good or bad. Or to remember the little details that is has consisted of.

What are the moments that seem to stand out for you?
Have there been major events, or more minor events and everyday-businesses?
Do you tend to remember the good things or the hard times?

My year has been for the most part uneventful, and I think that has been good for me. Since last years when I got sick, I have had to gear down, to accept that I am not capable to work as much or to be as social as I would like. It has been a process, almost like bereaving the life I used to have, getting used to a new one. Now I feel acceptance and gratitute for being able to work less. To work less means that I am not constantly tired, which makes me more happy. I am sure that it makes my husband more happy also, because I truly am a better partner when I feel better, smiling.

I started my blog and I started writing for a magazine. It does not feel like work, just fun. And I have met so many nice new people.
It started as a counterpoint to all the seriousness that I have had in my life.
Working as a councellor for many years, a serious and quite traumatic loss a few years ago, me and my husband moving inbetween continents, working as a yoga teacher and to improve myself as a person (a job that never ends:) When I allowed more of the fashionista in me to come out, I truly found more balance in my life. Something I found slightly superficial before, now is a valuable part of my life.

I totally enjoy pretty things, and I am not afraid to say so, he he.

Of course, I know that things do not create permanent happiness. I make my own happiness.

What are the moments that have made you happe the past year?
For me, there has been many. Perhaps because I am constantly trying to notice them.
In between some hardship, I have tried to notice the things that I am happy and thankful for.

In the end, the things that I am thankful for, are the ones that overshadow the rest….that is a good way to end 2013.

I welcome a new year, and focus on believing that I will get the things that I truly believe that I deserve. If I believe that I deserve contentment and prosperity, that is what I will get most of. Perhaps it is because that is what I will notice…but does it really matter? I do not think so.

From my perspective, whatever works, is good!!

Happy new year to you all!! I hope it will be a good one! Or, rather, I hope you will remember the good times:)


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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