How did your 2013 end and 2014 start?

Some of you partied all night, perhaps facing a massive hangover this morning. Some of you were up early with children. Some had a nice time with friends or family, some were bored to death by the same-old pattern “like ever year, James” (for those of you who do not recognize that quote, it is from an old skit on tv).

Anyhow, I hope the new year will bring you good times:)

I was happy to have two near friends and my hubby with me, chatting and having some champagne at the end of the year. We also went downtown Oslo to see the fireworks down by the harbour. We should have known that more than the fours of us would (duh:), so you can imagine the drive down there with 2-300 people jaywalking at the same time, so we missed the beginning of the fireworks. But still, it was a nice time:) I have some blury pictures from downtown, which my friends are possible happy about:) Not all my friends and family are comfy with being on the blog, which I have to respect:)

So, again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Here is my in my New Year outfit….












Dress- Mint&Berry/Zalando (short version HERE)
Clutch- Marc Jacobs
pumps- Balenciaga
jacket- DKNY


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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