January sales – DAAAANGEROUS!!!

Yes, it truly is. All those designer pieces out there, that I could not dream of owning on my wage, are suddely, what can I say, ALMOST affordable. Dangerously ALMOST affordable!!!
I have looked a this CARVEN sweater for the past year I think, but 4800NOK (appox 800 US dollars) for a sweater is for me ridiculous (even if it is JUST PERFECT!). But on 60 per cent sale on My Wardrobe, it got really tempting, and they had just one more left in my size...and all of a sudden it was clicked home….uæææ:) Thank Goodness I have a hubby that supports my use of money:)


So now, I have desided to have shop-stop until the end of April. We will see how it goes, I have tried to convince myself of shopstop before…..yes, I have a weak mind when it comes to fashion;)

….and when I saw the pictures of the new season from Lindex, I knew it will be a difficult task! Sooo chic!





  1. I think I may have a problem. When Angi and I decided for a New York trip, we said that we would not shop anymore until our trip…and this fall/winter I have never shopped more… :/ HEEELP! hi hi

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