Oil is money, but is it all good????

In Norway we have been able to keep our economy afloat partly due to the oil. It is difficult to say how this will influence our nature in the future. I was reminded of this, watching a show about Alberta, Canada, today.
My dear Alberta! I learned a lot living there, about the fact that they have one of the largest areas of oilsands in the world.
Drilling oil from the oilsand seems more complicated than in the ocean floor like here (although I am by no means an expert). They do use a lot of chemicals to elevate the oil.

These chemicals are spead as toxins in rivers, in the air, in the ground, and are spead to animals and humans. Deformed fish and toxic meat are results that are quite dangerous, perhaps particularly for the indigenous people, many of whom rely on hunting for surviving. The toxins spread by air, and result in diseased from the lungs, cancer and cardiovascular problems, among others.

These are daily spead over large areas. I found out that my University was in an evacuation zone, in case of leakages of toxins – and this was far away from the actual oil drilling fields. And since Statoil is responsible for a lot of the drilling, I wonder what the owners know? What the Norwegians know about the consequences? Do they listen to those who do research on the consequences?

Oil is important for any economy, but can we really afford to continue drilling?
Can we sacrifice animal and human lives?
Money is the driving force of so much abuse of others in this world. This is unfortunately just an example of it. It does not mean it is less important, for those who live it every day.

And, may I add, have the indiginous people not suffered enough already?



(last picture from themoose.no, read more here)

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