Anniversary…is it two years or nine? ???

Two years ago, today, I married my husband. Finally. Sometimes I listen to Etta James singing

” At last. My love has come along. My lonely days are over and life is like a song.”

It fills me with gratitude. Nine years ago exactly, we met, and instantly I knew. I had no idea how. We lived in different states, and were soon to live on different continents. So times of grieving followed. Moving on. But, he was always with me, deep down where I did not want to reach. Because I though it was impossible. One day he called. Things who seemed impossible now had a glimpse of hope. It took us patience. A lot of patience. So when Etta sings “At last”, she touches the part of me that truly believes that good things come to those who wait. Wait until the other one is ready, wait until you are ready yourself, wait until things fall into place, wait until you feel safe enough to know that if things turn out differently than you thought, you are strong enough to let someone go to find their own hapiness…..

Anyhow, we did spend lots of time on one another last night, making a good dinner with my famous fish soup (actually, I can not take credit for it, it is Hellstrøm’s recipe, a Norwegian famous cook:) , lobster and rose wine. Later we went out for a couple of drinks and to chat together.











  1. Ble helt rørt jeg av historien dere…jeeez…og så flinke dere er da…til å feire kjærligheten deres 🙂 Gratulerer og fortsatt god helg! 🙂

  2. skulle nett spørre skal vi aldri få se han der flotte mannen som gjør at du blir litt sånn mo i knærne når du snakker om ham? Vips der var han jo.
    Der er jo nydelige sammen da <3<3<3

    Vakker historie -satser på Ever After eg da -superromatisk som eg er 🙂
    Gratulerer skjønne du ❤

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