Self medication:)

It is funny how my body starts craving sweets when I get sick (catching a cold here), which is quite the opposite of what the body needs. It needs greens, loads of anti-oxidants and nutrients. So I try to calm my sweet tooth with a non-dairy raw cocoa/coffee latte. I use raw cocoa bought at the health food store, it contains tons of nutrients. I mix it with coconutflower sugar (or coconut palm sugar) which has a lower GI than regular sugar and also contains nutrients. I add stevia to sweeten it up. The French Vanilla Stevia drops taste wonderful (unfortuntely I can not get in here in Norway, got them in Canada), but regular stevia powder works well also. I fluff up the warm Soy milk with a milk steamer, and VOILA!! A healthy, sweet, warm drink for cold days. YUM:)





Have a good day, and stay warm!

Love, S

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